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About Us
Chien-Kuo Headquarter
School Of Continuing Education Chinese Culture University has been engaged in education work by providing outstanding learning environment and education as our mission. Apparently we’re so very cheered and proud of the services provided to you. Our services enrich the personal and professional lives of people through creative and innovative learning experiences. And yet, with personal growth contributes to a better world. It is indeed the essence of lifelong learning to mature oneself in stages continuously as well as our mission of generating lifelong learning opportunities for a diverse, evolving society.

  Apart from the students, our teachers and faculty also exert themselves on absorbing new knowledge. We strongly assert that qualified teachers are the ones who keep up with their own learning, which evidently made us the best, the largest and the most nationally recognized measurements of continuing education school in Taiwan.

  Quality education and outstanding learning environment for every student are of our goal, and indeed what we prepared for you.

SCE had received the certification of ISO 9001

Chien-Kuo Headquarter

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