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SCE Evolution and Important events
Chinese Culture University's Continuing Education Center was founded in 1969 by The Chinese Culture University as an education institution devoted to nurture, educate and meet the needs of continuing learners in an ever-changing society.
Since its establishment, the Center has firmly held its belief of serving society and providing "the best" teaching quality to its students. With such a pursuit of perfection, in 1996, Chinese Culture University's Continuing Education Center was proudly ranked by the Ministry of Education as the "Number One" in excellence among all extension centers in Taiwan. Since then, the Center has maintained its high performance and continued to do its best in serving its students as well as the community.
1969 Established Council of School Of Continuing Education Chinese Culture University.
9 / 1971
Changed the name to “Continuing Education Center” and formally founded in Chinese Culture University on Ji-Lin Rd.
4 / 1985
Moved office to Chien-Kuo S. Rd.
1 / 1990
 Chung-Hsiao Branch established.
6 / 1991
Chien-Kuo Da-Sha House Addition and Renovation, all divisions moved to Luosfu Rd temporarily.
3 / 1992
Intensive English Institute established.
8 / 1992
Mandarin Learning Center established.
5 / 1994
Da-Sha House Addition and Renovation completed, all divisions moved back in.
5 / 1999
Initiation of construction of new Chien-Kuo building.
5 / 1999
ISO 9001 certified.
7 / 2000
Changed the name to School Of Continuing Education.
3 / 2001
Construction of Chien-Kuo building completed.


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