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Location and Environment

Our Continuing Education Center's location at the hub of Taipei City means our students can enjoy the benefits of being close to shops, markets, banks, and bus stops.

We are also close to the Taipei City Library and the well-known Ta-An Park where students can relax and enjoy their pastimes. We have modern offices and classrooms in our multipurpose building which is an ideal place for both working and studying.

School of Continuing Education Chinese Culture University established branches located in various regions, such as Chien-Kuo Branch, Chung-Hsiao Branch, Kao-Shiong Branch, Tai-Chung Branch and SCE Kindergarten, to provide services to learners around the nation.

Chien-Kuo Headquarter located in 231, Sec. 2, Chien-Kuo S. Rd. reaps the benefit of its location; it is right next to Chien-Kuo Highway near Ta-An Park and Taipei Public Library, which makes it so convenient for your traveling.
【Travel Direction】

Taipei Chung Hsiao Sub-branch located at 41, Sec. 1, Chung-Hsiao E. Rd. is near Taipei Main Station and Kuan-Hwa Market, with the exit of Metro Nangang Line right next to it. Easy traveling for you!【Travel Direction】

Kao-Shiong Branchlocated at 6F, 106, Ta Yung Rd., Yancheng District is in downtown Kao-Shiong. Kao-Shiong City Parking Lot is also near by. Easy traveling for you!【Travel Direction】

Tai-Chung Branchlocated at B1, 160, Sec. 1, Chung-Kang Rd is in downtown Tai-Chung near National Tai-Chung Teachers College. Easy traveling for you!【Travel Direction】

SCE Kindergarten--located at 108, Chau-Jou St., Taipei is in Chung-Zheng District where cultural activities flourish, also reaps the benefit of its location for easy traveling. Under the guidance of Chinese Culture University Graduate Institute of Child Welfare, the best learning environment for toddlers is evidently provided here.

SCE surely offers high quality of facilities, equipment and learning environment to satisfy your needs.


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