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Vision/Mission Statement
Chinese Culture University's Continuing Education Center is committed to provide educational and learning opportunities to the maximum sustainable extent, through high quality teaching and service.

Our aim is to provide individuals with a stimulating learning environment that encourages the exchange of ideas and builds strong and cooperative networks amongst individuals from diverse educational, cultural and professional backgrounds. The Center both draws upon and contributes to the cultural wealth of the community in which it resides.

The three main visions of our mission are generating lifelong education opportunities, establishing knowledge economy and implementing diverse, evolving learning society, which features the following:

To Provide Diversified Education Opportunities
  • To meet different needs of various learners, our courses are indeed diversified, also cover both theory and actual practices. Busy workers like you are surely offered either long or short period of learning courses. There’s also the single window concept of "one-stop service, non-stop service" supported by a group of professional educational counselors to help you make the best choice in Education.
To build an advanced learning environment
  • For your best environment of learning, we provide bright and spacious classrooms with professional facilities at downtown Taipei, Tai-Chung, Kao-Shiong and other easy-travel locations. Ergonomic computer units with the frame of high-paced data info and electronic equipments are of the best effects for your education. Various centers for online courses were established for your convenience of education resources.
Restricted assessment and evaluation of learning process for the students
  • Your attendance is one of our important considerations. However, we do offer extra instruction for slow learners, yet, careless students may be dismissed. We reinforce the partnerships in the class to be of benefit for accomplishing students' goal.
Outstanding Teachers
  • Qualified teachers mastered in their expertise are what we offer to you. They will definitely help to accomplish your learning by instruction of both theories and actual practices and cultivate talented workers.
  • For the purpose of improving our services, regular and periodical surveys are offered for a basis of course and teacher adjustments.
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