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Revolution Achievements
SCE had reached some tremendous achievements for continuing education, which is broadly recognized by the society.
  • SCE has been awarded with "Outstanding School of Continuing Education Awards Systems" by Ministry of Education five years successively.
The highest annual student population among all schools of continuing education in the nation
  • Over 20,000 students complete their courses every year; we are the largest School of Continuing Education in Taiwan.
We design and implement government authorized programs
  • SCE has established a strong reputation in the government entities for designing and implementing training programs for the government.
Alliances And Partnership With Business Enterprises
  • Non-governmental institute and business enterprises seeking professional training courses and lecturers also constantly look to SCE in providing them with such services.
Social Welfare Lectures
  • SCE has been holding social welfare lectures for the public in addition to assisting with training programs for minority organizations, such as Sunny Foundation and the Deaf Association to increase working.


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